Cortez Wrestling




The focus of our wrestling program is to develop the wrestler as an athlete and as a person.

To accomplish this there are 3 major aspects that include: 

technique, mental preparation and character



We will to expose each wrestler to the meaning of preparation, proper positioning and the correct execution of wrestling moves.  We will focus and basic fundamentals along with new techniques as wrestlers are able to advance.


Mental Preparation 

To reach your full athletic potential, you must train your mind as well as your body. 

Mental preparation involves such things as setting goals, positive self talk, visualization and focus.  Training should be more than the physical aspect, it involves the right mind set and attitude.



Character is the foundation for success and wrestling is an outlet where true character is revealed.  We want to establish the attributes necessary to be successful in the classroom, on the wrestling mat and in life.  This includes perseverance, desire, dedication, discipline, courage, commitment, consistency and integrity.


These principles are the pathways to become successful not only as an athlete but in life.

Win or lose you will never regret working hard, making sacrifices, testing your limits, being disciplined and having focus. 


FREESTYLE WRESTLING - every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning February 16, 2016.

Listen to school announcements for Open Mat times prior to the season.


Athletic Clearance ~ Requirements prior to Athletic Participation

Physical Exam by a doctor

Provide a copy of your Birth Certificate

On-line Concussion Course

Informed Consent Video

Insurance Information Form

Parent Permission Form